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After many hours of research, finding a product that is of premium quality and something that we can standby, we finally decided to partner up with Your Forcefield.

Understanding that our brand and name means everything, we partnered up with Your Forcefield for a number of key reasons;

- Australian Company

- Quality Product & Assurance

- Customer Focused

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Here are some Q&A's provided by Your Forcefield

Q-How often should a premises (Home or Business) be fogged?

A Fogging treatment can last up to 12 months on all low touch surfaces e.g. ceilings, walls, under and behind furniture. Higher touched surfaces that include normal surface cleaning procedures after the Forcefield treatment e.g. light switches, door handles, benchtops can last between 30 to 90 days

Q-How does nano technology certified to kill the corona virus?

Our products actives are a combination of quaternary ammonium chlorides that is recognised by the TGA a COVID killer. Also, we have done a test against corona virus which it passed in Europe to EN Standards.

Q-How many sprays in a 45ml Hand Sanitiser and a 50ml Hand Sanitiser?

In a 45ml unit there are 450 sprays which allows protection for a child with 1 spray a day and an adult 2 sprays (225 from a 45ml unit) where a 50ml round unit has 350 adult sprays per unit.

Q-How effective is the 4 in 1 against mould?

Our Fogging Solution + Protector (now 4 in 1) has been 3rd party lab tested against 3 types of serious common moulds and 2 types of strong bacteria from an independent laboratory with outstanding results.

Are there any case studies?

Lismore Flood
About 2 years ago there was a flood in Lismore northern NSW and mould became a massive problem.  One of our co-founders went and treated 157 homes and businesses in just 2 weeks and to date the mould has not returned in any of the applications. (To date he still receives the odd thank you and mould free updates).
Townsville Flood
Our product was widely used to treat a number of properties.


Q-What Testing is getting done at the moment?

See below:

Samples are in the UK and some tests are done (in yellow) and the other tests booked in are below.

4in1 Disinfectant

EN 13727 –        Bacteria of surfaces

EN 13697 -         Bacteria, yeast, mould

EN 14476 –         Feline coronavirus

EN 1650 -            Fungi (mould) we have added 3 extra species to the test Cladosporium, Aspergillus, Stachybotrys

PAS 2424 –         Standard prolonged efficacy testing (only 24 hours, but currently arranging custom testing for 7 days, 30 days, and 12 months)  


Hand Sanitiser + Protector

EN 1500 -            Waterless hand rub protocol (tested on 10 volunteers)  

EN 13727 -         Bacteria of surfaces

EN 14476 -         Feline coronavirus
EN 1650 –           Fungai


Q-What do the tests mean?

We have laboratory testing results in showing how effective the Forcefield range is effective against Covid 19. The Forcefield hand sanitiser and 4 and 1 products have come back, please find attached the results for your information.

The tests were conducted to a globally recognised EN Standard by a laboratory in the UK with the specific test being the BS EN 14467:2013+A2:2019 screen test on feline coronavirus

Currently no tests are available globally, to test directly on COVID-19. All efficacy testing for COVID globally uses a surrogate viruses like feline coronavirus which is very similar in make up as COVID 19.

Recently Forcefield also received back other test results on their 4in1 which they passed.

BS EN 13727 Bactericidal efficacy for the medical industry step 1
BS EN 13727 Bactericidal efficacy for the food and institutional areas step 2
BS EN 13624 Fungicidal & yeasticidal efficacy for the medical industry
BS EN 1276 Bactericidal efficacy for the Food industry
BS EN 14476 Screen test on Feline Coronavirus


Q-How does your product kill germs and viruses compared to most options?

The mode of kill of an alcohol/ethanol product is to dehydrated and poison cells. Our mode of kill is a physical one, our active ingredients contain thousands of nano spikes that impale the cell popping it like a balloon.


Q-Many products are a quick kill but offer no ongoing protection. How are yours different?

Forcefield products that use a technology to bond active ingredients to a surface to offer long term protection and the ability to kill germs.

Q-How often does a High touch point need treating?

Up to 30 days


Q- Can you provide details supporting the promise that FTP last 30 days?

This can be easily proven or disproven with the test strips as it only identifies the active ingredients within the product (QUATs or quaternary ammonium chlorides)


Q- Can you provide details supporting the promise that FTP last long term?

Once again by the use of the test strips, we have real world data from the PA Hospital in Brisbane that the product is still active 6 years later.


Q-What scientific data supports the claims standards/compliance? 

See EN Reports

Q-Please explain how Forcefield can be safely on all surfaces?

The process/ product can be applied safely safe on all surfaces. Over application creating “runs” of product on a surface if left to dry, requires a wetting with Forcefield and wiping over with a clean cloth